Bag Lady

Leaving for work in Scrubstar scrubs.

Cue Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady…that is what I feel like with the number of bags I was carrying for work.  Returning to work after the lock down I had a lunch bag, purse, book bag, laundry bag, and tote for extra PPE. I know it is a lot, but I needed those extra items every day. Okay well maybe I did not need as many bags I was carrying.  I have regrouped and mapped out and plan that has allowed me to reduce the number of bags I carry with me.  I now I have one tote and my laundry bag. Today I will share my essential items for my workday as an essential worker.

Well duh I am carrying the Glam-Aholic Lifestyle Matte Black tote by MiaRay.  I received the coveted matte black travel set as an anniversary gift.  I was so ready to carry this set during my planned trips for 2020, but of course, Rona scratched all my travel like a G plans.  The amount of space in the tote is amazing, and I am grateful because I was able to free my hands.  Enough about the bag let us see what my essentials are.

Matte Black Glam-Aholic Tote

An extra set of scrubs…because sweat.  I will say it again; it is hot under all the PPE! Prior to the pandemic an extra set of scrub was an essential take to work item. I have this for emergency cases for potential situations such as my scrubs getting soiled during patient care or I sweat through them. My favorite brand is Scrubstar Core Essentials.  They are nice to my bank account, and they are a quality product that lasts for a while. I also have additional The Hygienist Twist satin scrub caps in my bag.

Next is a change of clothes for the trip back home.  Although I am wearing a gown over my scrubs while I work, I do not wear my dirty work clothes outside of the office.  My go to change of clothes is a graphic tee and a pair of leggings from FBF Body by Zakia.  This is a simple and easy transition from work to workout ready.  Most days I rush home to get in some exercise after.  Exercising helps me unpack the drama from the workday, and it gives me a boost of energy to handle my to do list when I get home.  I aim for at least 30 minutes five times a week. You notice I said aim because we mothers tend to put our needs on the back burner while taking care of everyone else.  Either way I am comfy and relaxed by the time I am ready to clock in at my lifetime job.

Deodorant! I do not come to work without an in case of an emergency bottle of deodorant. During the lock down, I started using a natural deodorant consistently.  We all know how natural deodorant goes when it comes to stopping the armpit stench. Some brands have you second guessing yourself before you even get out of your front door. But baaabbyy, Queen by Play Pits does the job! I was so confident in the protection this deodorant provides that I wore it to work on day one back after lock down.  The pits were under control even with all the stress and sweating that took place on day one back in the office.  My entire family has switched to this brand.  It is a household staple. We love Play Pits!

Mask Face after wearing a n95 respirator for my shift.

I have seen numerous pictures of medial healthcare professions with bruised faces due to the PPE they had to wear for extended periods of times.  Others have reported breakouts and acne from the PPE too. I have eczema so I wanted to be proactive than reactive.  I use CeraVe hydrating facial cleaner and moisturizing cream daily.  I carry travel size bottles with me to work for times when I feel I need to wash my face.  The CeraVe products help retain moisture. However, most days I just wipe my face with Water Wipes at lunch and after my shift.  I am always prepared for eczema flare ups to occur. Having dry, itchy, and irritated skin especially on my face would cause a problem.  To prevent myself from touching my face, I choose to use Benadryl cream and seal with Aquaphor Healing Ointment to stop the itching.  Because everyday use of hydrocortisone cream can result in dark spots forming on my skin, I limit the number of days I use the steroid cream. 

Citrus Mist Hand Sanitizer by The Hygienist Twist

Finally, hand sanitizer is a definite must have item.  Although I prefer to wash with soap and water, I know that there will be times when I do not have access to soap and water. There was a shortage in hand sanitizer in the stores at the beginning of the lock down.  Because I had nothing but extra time, I made my own natural hand sanitizer.  Plot twist…I used my knowledge as a chemist to whip up an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Disclaimer: The hand sanitizer does not replace proper hand washing, nor has it been lab tested to determine its efficacy against viruses, although it does have natural antiviral ingredients that commonly accepted as home remedies. You can find this natural product, Citrus Mist by The Hygienist Twist, in my online shop.

What are your essentials that you must have in your work bag? Of course, my bag has other common everyday items in it. I wanted to highlight essential items necessary for me to have a good workday. 


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