Blogmas #9 Make Time for Family During The Holiday Season

Today, I asked a patient if they were getting excited for Christmas. They stated that they were excited and could not wait because they get to go back to their home country to visit with their family. They stated that they hadn’t seen their family in 20 years. I’m usually stunned whenever I learn of something like this. I can not imagine going years without touching and being near my close family members. Can you imagine only being able to converse with family members via phone and video calls? Holidays spent away from one other. You’re so close yet so far from one another. Sadly, this is the case for many people.

We whined about not being able to go or see either other for a few months. Our skin isn’t tough enough to go the long haul that a large number of families go. Some have deaths in the family and can’t attend the services for whatever reason. Others have weddings and baby showers that they can’t attend too. I usually ask how they handle not seeing their family and their response is usually hard, but it’s the only way I can take care of my family. That patient today told me that this Christmas is the best one they’ve had in a very long time. I’m excited for them. I wished them safe travels and a joyous holiday!

So, today, I encourage you to make time for your family and aim to have as much family time as possible. I know we all get so caught up the frivolous things, but those things don’t matter. I don’t live close to my parents and siblings, but we’ve been trying to make time for each other each month. Here are a few ways that you can increase family time.

  • Schedule video calls for at least 1 hour one time a month
  • Plan a family vacation every 1 or 2 years
  • Schedule a family dinner each quarter
  • Group chats devoted to close family members

These are only a few ways to bond more with your family. I’m sure you all can come up with other ways to gather and be merry. Either way just make it happen. Life is too short and precious to neglect your relationships with your loved ones.

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