Blogmas #18 Surviving the Chaos of Last Minute Shopping

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It’s beginning to look a lot like the chaotic mess of last-minute shopping. I messed up bad when it comes to my gives. I’ve been waiting on a package to deliver all week and it hasn’t come. I finally looked online to check the delivery status, and the items are still sitting in the shopping cart. I never hit submit y’all. When I realized that, I was very disappointed which distracted me from posting yesterday’s post. I also have another gift that has been sitting in New Hampshire for over a week now. Can we blame what’s going with the ‘vid on delayed gifts from Santa? I’ll see what happens, but I don’t think this is going to end well.

Anyways, my husband convinced me to join him on a trip to the mall. It was like he had to drag me to the shopping mall kicking and screaming because I did NOT want to go. I’ve been an online shopper for some years now. I was dreading the traffic, the crowds, and the long lines. Once we finally arrived at the mall the scene was everything that imagined. People were going from shop to shop grabbing those last-minute gifts. Imagine the Whoville scene in which everyone was going about their days in the village singing and shopping and all the merry things of Christmas. Some stores were attempting to allow room for distancing while people shop by limiting the number of customers inside the store at one time. Because my patience is not what it used to be, I skipped waiting in any line no one has time for that.

Either way, the entire situation did not pass the vibe check. Like why aren’t some stores allowing people access to the fitting rooms? Is it more so due to staff shortage or are they trying to prevent the spread? The one thing that I was excited about was being able to purchase cookies. Ugh! They were closed. Tears are starting to form again. Another good thing about my visit to the mall, I was able to see the BURST oral care display in Macy’s. While I was inspecting the BURST goods, and customer from the dynamic duo the Lavender Sonic Toothbrush and the Lavender Water Flosser. I was stoked! Someone was giving the gift of oral health. Sweet! Witnessing that made my day and I forgot about the chaos surrounding me.

Knowing that accomplished my goal of obtaining the gift that I thought I wouldn’t be able to find last minute and witnessing the oral hygiene product being purchased, I would say that it was a good trip. I did my best to steer clear of what I knew would irritate me and focused on the mission at hand. Christmas chaos zero me winning in this season 100!


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