The Absolute Best New Year Resolution

Happy New Year! Yeah, I cringed as I typed that. I’m sure I’ll be saying this up until April. That’s usually when my patients stop saying it to me. I don’t know though considering how much of a whirlwind we’ve all been experiencing the past two years they may decide that wishing me a happy new year in June is feasible considering they haven’t seen me in six months. We’ll see how it goes. I mean just a few days ago my city was under a tornado watch, and it was so hot I wanted to turn on my ac, and then the following day it was predicted that we’d receive some snow flurries. At this point, nothing should be a surprise.

Despite the unpredictability of our world and the constant changes, did y’all make any resolutions or goals for the new year? I personally struggled with writing my goals and aspirations for this year. I’m usually pretty good at mapping out the direction I would like to go for the year, but this year I really didn’t know. Maybe it’s the excessive shock effect the world has been hitting us with that has made me say “what’s the point of planning these days?” Many were so excited to experience a somewhat normal holiday season, but in comes Omicron bullying us causing us to cancel our plans. Y’all I’m like screaming to the universe “I’m good on the breaking news you can chill out now!” Did your holiday plans get canceled?

Anyways, I’ve just settled with not planning anything major right now. If the urge to jot down some goals comes to me, I’ll write them down and get to moving. However, I did choose a word for this month. My word is VIBE. If I hadn’t learned anything from the past two years, I’ve enhanced my skillset on just vibin with the flow. I’ll reflect more and focus on my physical and mental health. I’m also cutting back on my social media time too. I barely made my reading goal from last year. I did have financial goals that were in progress prior to the new year, so I’ll continue those as well. If I’m moved to do more, I’ll share it with you all.

Myleik Teele Chief Experience Officer of CURLBOX

If you haven’t made any resolutions or goals, it is okay. Every year does not have to be one full of doing too much. Sometimes we’re meant to just chill and take care of ourselves. So, take care of yourself and make sure oral health is included in your self-care routine because dental health is self-care. Oral health matters and so do you!


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