Celebrate Dental Hygiene Now and Forever

I’ve lost count on how long we’ve been back to business during this panorama lol. I remember like it was yesterday telling my boss that I’d have to stay home with my kids because of their school being closed. I feared losing my job, but like every other mother my kids and their wellbeing and safety were my top priority.

October is National Dental Hygiene Month! It’s a month-long celebration of preventive dental healthcare and the amazing people who GET THE JOB DONE. This year’s theme celebrates resilience and our endurance, strength, and dedication to thrive through one of the toughest times in most of our dental career. Although at times it may seem like we’re drowning with the constant changes in policy and best practices, I think we’re all rocking out and doing the darn thing!

For those who don’t know, I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist. I’ve worked over 10 years in the public health sector of dentistry. My superpower is saving smiles. As a team, my patients and I tackle plaque bacteria with preventive and therapeutic dental care methods.

Things that I go hard for

🦷 Increasing access to quality dental healthcare for underserved communities

🦷 Dental health education and promotion

🦷 Providing patient centered care

🦷 Self advocacy!

It’s not all teeth talk over here so be sure to check out my other blog posts and my Instagram stories.

Last year around this time, I was swimming in grief and struggling to handle it as I navigated through everything. This year I’m handling it all much better. There is still a lot of loss and grief going on around me from work to home life; however, I’ve worked on how to process it. I’m able to process what my patients are saying to me and give them resources and information to help them begin their journey of processing all that is going on with them and in the world. As I continue to be an advocate for my patients, I aspire to be an inspiration to them to keep fighting the good fight to achieve optimal overall health.

There’s a little over two months left in the year. My question to you is have you had a dental checkup? Have you had any preventive dental treatment completed this year? I think the hardest part of my job is getting people to fully understand the importance of preventive dental healthcare. I often get the statement “I only go to the dentist when I’m in pain.” As someone who’s goal as an oral healthcare profession is to prevent oral disease, I can’t help but feel sad because 9 times out of 10 the pain that people are waiting to occur can be prevented by good oral hygiene practices and regular preventive dental health visits to someone like me, a dental hygienist.

Preventive dentistry helps you keep a healthy mouth.  Preventive services such as dental hygiene care helps you maintain the health of your teeth and decreases your need for additional dental treatment. Tooth cavities and gum disease are two common oral diseases that cause tooth pain and loss. Preventing these conditions increases your chance of having your teeth for a lifetime.

So, as a gift to your beloved dental hygienist during dental hygiene month and after, take a proactive approach regarding your oral health. I appreciate patients who actively participant in maintaining their oral health. It lets me know that my hard work is appreciated. How you will show your dental hygienist appreciation this month?


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