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On the first day of Blogmas…yeah, I won’t be doing that. However, I am participating in Blogmas 2021. What is Blogmas you may ask? It’s a challenge for bloggers to post daily counting up to Christmas day. According to Google, it’s supposed to have a holiday like theme that pushes bloggers to be consistent with their writing.

I’m said writer who needs to be consistent. I love providing oral health education and promoting oral healthcare, but it’s been a challenge trying to consistently post about the subjects that I’m passionate about. I think what is throwing me off is I got sucked into the concept of perfection instead of just doing what I love.

I’ve already started wrong because according to the street committee of the blogs I didn’t build up to the big event. Hmmmm…oh well. Here’s to day 1 of Blogmas.

I love everything about the Christmas holiday season. My favorite is the amount of family time that takes place during this time of year. My family tradition of baking and sipping hot cocoa while watching cheesy Christmas movies is the best! Although now, my kids are cringing since they’re older and everything mama does is weird. Maybe being my kids’ number one troll is becoming my favorite. Idk.

I haven’t completely thought or planned exactly how I’ll complete this challenge. In some fashion, I will incorporate some oral hygiene tidbits and maybe a few tips on surviving Christmas. I don’t even know because I’m nowhere near Martha Stewart status. I’m hoping to improve on my writing skills and create engaging posts that will be helpful to you all. So, let’s get festive and enjoy the festivities of this holiday season!

Wednesday Wisdom

Yes, I know oral hygiene instructions can be so boring and repetitive, but it must be done because no matter how many times I say it majority of my patients can’t seem to understand that cleaning between their teeth is where the magic happens. Removing the plaque bacteria and food from between your teeth helps prevent your gums from bleeding and it also prevents cavities. Whatever method works best for you just clean between your teeth.

One thing that is present at every corner during the holiday season is sweet treats. My tip to combat the sugar bugs during the holiday season is to resist the urge to constantly graze and snack on the sweets during the day. I will NOT tell you to not to partake in the delicious goodies, but I will say pick a time of the day to enjoy your treats. By doing this, you will not be coating your teeth will sugar throughout the day. Limiting the amount of sugar you eat will drastically reduce the amount of plaque that builds up in your mouth, and brushing at least two times a day and cleaning between your teeth daily will prevent gum disease and cavities.

What do you enjoy most about the holiday season? What is your favorite holiday treat? I can’t wait to see how this entire challenge pans out. Happy Blogmas!


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