Sealants: An Excellent Way to Prevent Tooth Decay

With cavities being the most prevalent chronic condition among children and teens, preventing decay by placing sealants indeed makes sense.

Blogmas #8 The Number One Gift a Patient Can Give To a Dental Hygienist

I had a new patient today ask me what I’d like as a gift. Ha! My regulars know not to ask me this question.

How To Improve Gum Health Without Dental Floss

I’m sure you hear all the time “floss between your teeth every day.” I can envision the eye rolls and heavy sighs because I get them all the time. Let me tell you this, the pesky string dental floss is not the big man in these interdental cleaning aid streets.

Oral Hygiene Routine: What You Should Do for Optimum Dental Health

Basic tips to help you build an oral hygiene routine that will assist you with gaining and maintaining optimum dental health.

Check Your Mouth: How A Dental Exam Can Save Your Life

Imagine visiting your registered dental hygienist for your “just a cleaning” appointment and you’re informed that you need to consult with a specialist because a suspicious lesion had been detected in your mouth. Yeah, this actually happens in the dental chair during “just a cleaning” visits.