Blogmas #15 Celebrate Yourself

Do you feel underappreciated and devalued at your current place of employment? What are your thoughts on all these dental offices giving out sign-on bonuses to new hires? Shouldn’t they be trying their best to keep the staff that is there now happy? What about the spike in hourly wages? I’m confused. I understand supply and demand but have the management at these companies not learned their lesson from the current employee shortage. I really don’t think they have because some places are still mistreating and disrespecting their staff.

It’s the end of the year and some offices are passing out gifts and bonuses to their employees. However, oftentimes the dental team is drooling and wishing it was them. I see it all the time in the FB dental hygiene group. The dental hygienists are not being taken care of. Many are made to feel as if their role is insignificant to other team members. They’re feeling overlooked. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flack about this ummm We’re the Real MVP. Hear me out! I know what we do takes a lot of team effort. However, dental hygienists deserve to receive credit and recognition for their hard work and dedication to preventing oral disease. We bring in consistent cash flow to the office with our schedule and help fill the doctor’s schedule.

So, heck yeah, I’m going to pop my ish about what I do and how my contribution to the team is valuable and important. I highly recommend you do it too because if you don’t celebrate yourself no one else will. Be your own advocate. Don’t’ stay where you aren’t respected or appreciated. However, if you feel it’s an issue that can be corrected, request to meet with your boss to discuss what’s going on. Just be prepared for any consequences that may result from this discussion. Celebrate yourself this holiday season and beyond.

Do not expect to receive the love from someone else you do not give yourself.” ― bell hooks


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