Blogmas #2 Thoughts on Being Present

Gone are the days of rushing to do everything on the list for the holidays. Well, at least they are for me. If the past two years have taught me anything, it is to live and enjoy the moment. The future is not promised, and once the present day is gone you can’t bring the past with you. Plus, material things don’t hold value compared to memorable life-changing moments. I’ve made it my mission to enjoy what I love and be in the moment while doing what that thing may be. I highly suggest that you embark on this journey too if you haven’t started already. Whether you celebrate holidays or not, this season right now is the perfect time to start.


With social media and the constant need to look at our phones, we lose so many precious memories because we’re engulfed in a fantasy “social” environment controlled by an algorithm. Think about it…do you ever recall being at an event or family function supposedly having a good time doing it for the gram, and then boom the next day you’re viewing the pictures and videos, but you don’t exactly remember the good time? Sure, you captured the moments, but you weren’t present in that moment. Your pictures only show that you were there.

My suggestion for this holiday season is for you to put down the phones, log out, turn your notifications off, and enjoy the time you have. And, if you come across something that will inhibit your ability to enjoy your moment, you can always ignore it and not succumb to the distraction. I know I prefer memories of lived happy moments over likes from a staged happy moment. I’m signing off to do my favorite thing…fall asleep while a movie watches me! Happy Blogmas!


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