Blogmas #3 Give the Gift of Oral Health

Video by Thoraya

This week I actively participated in Giving Tuesday. I say actively because I announced which organization was receiving my donation. I give often throughout the year to different organizations. I just don’t believe in sharing what I do for others with the public. To me, doing a good deed that is meant to help others and then turning around announcing it to the world doesn’t seem too genuine.   

Anyways, during the end of the year, the “season of giving,” nonprofit organizations receive a large percentage of their funds from donors. There’s something about the holiday season that makes people feel compelled to give. They freely give their time by volunteering, donating items, and giving funds enthusiastically. This is a good thing because organizations need generosity from donors to complete their mission.

Public health dentistry is my jam. Everyone should have access to dental healthcare. There are organizations that are working to reduce and/or eliminate oral health disparities and inequities. They do this by providing free or low-cost dental care to underserved communities. The organizations carry a heavy load helping those in need because of the costs to run these clinics and the limited capacity to provide care for ALL the people in need.

So, in this season of giving, if you feel the need to give, consider giving to an organization that is increasing access to oral healthcare. Your donations do not have to always be financial. Consider donating office supplies, oral hygiene kits, or any other supplies that would reduce the expenses of the organization. These types of donations allow the organization to allocate more funds to direct patient care. Will you help me save smiles this giving season?

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