Blogmas #4 Christmas Nostalgia

The nostalgic feeling of Christmas never gets old. The holiday season brings up memories of happiness and joy. The memory of loved ones long gone with their presence remaining strong in our hearts. The holidays reawaken and renew relationships because families are gatherings and conversing with family members who live long distances. For most people, the holiday season just makes us want to gather and spread cheer.

I mentioned in a previous post about baking and how I love it so much during the holiday season. When I’m in my kitchen baking, it brings back so many memories of time spent baking with my grandmother. I vividly remember watching her move around her small kitchen with so much ease and finesse. Combining ingredient after ingredient without a measuring utensil in sight. Like how was the dish perfection and she didn’t have a recipe to follow? Oh! The smell! The entire house smelled so delicious. I’m getting that fuzzy feeling as I type this.

One of my favorite cakes she made was pound cake. I remember the first time making one on my own. To this day, I still don’t understand how my grandmother whipped the batter of this cake with just a spoon. Like how? This is a thick batter. I quickly purchased myself a mixer because my wrist game was not giving. Speaking of mixers, one year one of my aunts gifted my grandmother one of those fancy mixers on a stand. She never used that thing. Her go-to was a glass green bowl and a silver spoon. Either way, it got the job done every single time. I wonder if that bowl is still in her kitchen?

Another favorite is her chocolate chip cookies. They were so good. I get close in taste when I make these myself. Because I have such fond memories of being in the kitchen with my grandmother, I share my love for baking with my kids, especially during the holiday season. My kids and I have been baking my grandmother’s cookies for Santa every Christmas Eve. As they get older, I hope the memorable moments spent together bonding and enjoying each other give them the same nostalgia I feel during the holiday season. I do know one thing though sneaking cookies before bedtime may be one of their favorite things.  


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