Blogmas #11 How to Regroup During the Holiday Season

Saturdays are meant for relaxing is the most dishonest statement I’ve ever heard. From childhood to now, I don’t ever recall ever just relaxing on a Saturday. Who made up this tale?!? From the age at which I was introduced to chores, Saturdays have been the designated day to get house chores done. Inserts eyeroll because the cycle continues and now, I work on some Saturdays and play chauffeur for my kids to whatever event they must attend. The only time I get to rest on a Saturday is when I’m on vacation. Being that I don’t have endless amounts of money or vacation time those rest days don’t come too often.  

I think I’m just rambling now because this has nothing to do with the holidays. Maybe it does. Anyways, my Saturday consisted of chaotic busyness as usual. I had work and missed my child’s first basketball game. Then after work, I rushed home to get ready to attend my other child’s gathering with her dance team. It was their Christmas party. It was a few hours loaded with games, food, gifts, and fun. They really enjoyed the moment. Meanwhile, most of the parents were yawning and barely keeping their eyes open. Most parents were probably just me. Sis is tired!

Kids can be so oblivious to how exhausting being an adult really is. Or, maybe, it’s more of we as parents don’t want them to be aware of what’s truly happening. We do our best to hide things from kids trying to protect them from the wicked world. We run ourselves ragged to ensure that they basically have it all or get as close to having it as possible. We subject ourselves to long hours of work outside of the home. Then, after all the other parenting duties are complete, we’re up late working on tasks that were neglected during the day. And the repetitive cycle continues.

Have you ever stopped to consider if your child really cares about all of the things we work to give them? I stop to think about some of my happiest moments as a child, and they all consist of moments when my parents were fully in the moment and not exhausted from doing too much. It was the times when they were fully engaged in family activities that didn’t include a rush to get it all done. I wonder if it’s the same for my kids?!?

Each year during the holidays, I have a holiday vacation that coincides with my kids’ school break. I’m off work for about two weeks so that I can fully immerse myself in the family traditions we’ve established over the years. It’s relaxing for me to regroup from the year, and it’s a time for me to be completely present in the moment with my kids and family. I know everyone can’t just take off work, but I will encourage you to plan time for a reset. Plan time in small increments that will give you an opportunity to just be. The moments don’t have to be extravagant, but just make it something that will allow you to just chill for a moment. If you have kids, spend some of that time with them just going with the flow.

As you all can see, my reflection on my life has been aiming to balance the bustle of life and maintain some peace of mind for myself and my family. It’s hard work, but very worthwhile. How will you spend your holiday season? Will you overindulge in busy work or choose to relax and enjoy the moment?


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