Blogmas #12 A Healthy Smile is a Wonderful Gift to Yourself

Today was a day in which my body said no honey you need to chill. Have you ever experienced a time when you had so much to do, but you didn’t accomplish anything because your body was betraying you? I’ve experienced this on numerous occasions. How often do we ignore the initial warning signals our bodies give? We push ourselves so much until we’re forced to stop. The signs usually start as simple as a little muscle ache in your neck, not hearing the alarm in the morning, or a headache that develops suddenly. The same applies to the mouth too. I don’t know why we keep trying to separate it from the body. Here are a few warning signs alerting you of a need to see your dentist.

  • Toothache

This is the obvious sign. Having pain or hypersensitivity can be a sign of many things. Those include a cavity, infection, broken tooth, etc. Don’t ignore this sign.

  • The Presence of Blood

Bleeding when you brush and floss or seeing blood in your sink is a sign that you may have an infection in your gums or the foundation that supports your teeth.

  • Jaw Pain

See your dentist if your jaw pops or have pain when you open and close, chew, or when you first wake up.

  • Spots and Sores in Your Mouth

You should consult with your dentist if you have mouth sores that last a week or longer. Sores and spots in your mouth can be symptoms of a disease, infection, viruses, or fungus or result from irritation. You won’t know for sure until you seek professional care.

  • Your Teeth Feel Fuzzy Against Your Tongue

No matter how often you brush your teeth always have that fuzzy feeling when you rub your tongue across them. You’re overdue for your checkup and dental hygiene visit so it’s time to see your dentist.

Having regular check-ups is imperative to preventing oral diseases and detecting issues before they become advanced dental conditions. If you haven’t seen your dentist this year, call now to schedule your checkup. Maintaining your oral health is a wonderful gift to yourself.


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