Blogmas #13 Top Dental Self Care Tools

Attempting to choose the correct dental care products can be exhausting. The dental aids aisles in your local stores have a very diverse selection of products to choose from. I get a bit anxious whenever I take a stroll down the aisles to check out what’s new. That’s why whenever I recommend a product to a patient, I take the time to print out pictures and give instructions on why I’m recommending it and on how to use the product. If possible, I will also recommend the generic brand or alternate brand that may be cheaper. The patients I treat must stretch their money long, so I try my best to make my recommendations accessible to them. Because I know the task of choosing which product is necessary can be daunting, I’m giving you my top dental self-care tools that are important in achieving optimal dental health.

  1. Toothbrush

You must have a toothbrush. When choosing one, make sure you always select one that has soft bristles. I know the medium and hard bristles are appealing but trust me on this one. Soft or extra soft bristles is the way to go. If you spring for an electric toothbrush, that’s even better.

  • Floss or Interdental Aid

Please, please, please make sure you get something that cleans between your teeth. It’s obvious floss is not the best option for everyone, but just make sure it’s something that is the best fit for you. You can choose between flossers, proxy brushes, or water flosser. If you have dexterity issues or find it difficult to maneuver the smaller interdental cleaning aids, I suggest a water flosser as the best option for you.

  • Toothpaste

Which toothpaste to choose? Sighs. This question is challenging. I honestly can not recommend a specific toothpaste because I don’t know what your needs are. However, consulting with your dentist or dental hygienist will be the best way in helping determine which toothpaste you should choose. My only suggestion is to purchase something fluoride to help prevent tooth decay and strengthen the enamel.

  • Tongue Scraper

If you want to get rid of bad breath bacteria, using a tongue scraper is the best option. Yes, you can brush your tongue with your brush, but nothing beats the tooth scraper when it comes to tackling the bacteria on your tongue.

The number one dental self-care tool is visiting your dentist on a regular basis. Next in line is your at-home hygiene care routine. For specific product recommendations, please consult with your dentist or dental hygienist as they will be able to suggest products based on your oral care needs. They can help you navigate the dental care aisles in your favorite store.


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