Blogmas #7 Christmas Dental Tips to Protect Your Teeth During This Holiday Season

Go forth and be merry and experience the joy of the holiday season. Don’t forget these Holiday tooth tips!

Oral Hygiene Routine: What You Should Do for Optimum Dental Health

Basic tips to help you build an oral hygiene routine that will assist you with gaining and maintaining optimum dental health.

How Stress Wreak Havoc in Your Mouth.

Stress creates hormonal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous system changes in our body. Along with these systemic changes, there are oral manifestations that are the result of stress. Yes, stress can wreak havoc in your mouth. Is the mouth not part of your body?

Sooo You Clean Teeth?!

Major side eye is what I usually give when I am given the blanket statement “you clean teeth” after I have told someone my professional title. Registered Dental Hygienist is what “RDH” means. Technically, I do clean teeth; however, my role in the oral healthcare profession encompass more than just scraping teeth. I know I … Continue reading Sooo You Clean Teeth?!