Blogmas #2 Thoughts on Being Present

do you ever recall being at an event or family function supposedly having a good time doing it for the gram, and then boom the next day you’re viewing the pictures and videos, but you don’t exactly remember the good time?

Oral Hygiene Routine: What You Should Do for Optimum Dental Health

Basic tips to help you build an oral hygiene routine that will assist you with gaining and maintaining optimum dental health.

Check Your Mouth: How A Dental Exam Can Save Your Life

Imagine visiting your registered dental hygienist for your “just a cleaning” appointment and you’re informed that you need to consult with a specialist because a suspicious lesion had been detected in your mouth. Yeah, this actually happens in the dental chair during “just a cleaning” visits.

How Your Dental Healthcare Professional Can Help Manage Diabetes

Because millions of us are at risk of having it, we should all immerse ourselves in educational information about the health condition. Of course, we will learn how, if not controlled, diabetes can affect our dental health.

How Stress Wreak Havoc in Your Mouth.

Stress creates hormonal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous system changes in our body. Along with these systemic changes, there are oral manifestations that are the result of stress. Yes, stress can wreak havoc in your mouth. Is the mouth not part of your body?

Cascade of Grief

It was a mental roller coaster to be in contact with so many people expressing their grief while I too am experiencing grief. Up until last week, having a patient who had experienced a loss was far apart. Last week, I had one day in which each patient expressed their experience with Covid19 whether it was the sudden loss of a love one, having been sick with the virus or loss of work.

Sooo You Clean Teeth?!

Major side eye is what I usually give when I am given the blanket statement “you clean teeth” after I have told someone my professional title. Registered Dental Hygienist is what “RDH” means. Technically, I do clean teeth; however, my role in the oral healthcare profession encompass more than just scraping teeth. I know I … Continue reading Sooo You Clean Teeth?!